Prima Donna


What makes PrimaDonna different? Every single element of a PrimaDonna bra (fabric, lace, fastenings, elastic, shoulder straps, underwire) is put through the most rigorous testing in their own facilities before manufacturing. Before any PrimaDonna bra is dispatched, it undergoes two final inspections by hand. PrimaDonna believes that only the human touch is good enough for so intimate a garment. Before collection is sold, it is extensively tested not by models or dummies, but by a panel representing real customers, women of all sizes.

PrimaDonna lingerie has been devoted to women’s natural curves since 1865 with bras available up to I cup. PrimaDonna Twist combines the perfect fit (up to an H cup) and casual chic design with head-turning details.


Bra and Lingerie Boutique in Nelson, BC providing professional bra fittings since 2002