Lingerie Meditation: Why do Bras Cost what they Do?


Hi, it’s Cheryl at Esprit de la Femme. People often ask me, “Cheryl,  why do the bras on TV and the department stores cost $29.99, and bras at boutiques cost more?”

Well, at Esprit de la Femme, the majority of our bras come from European designers. Cheapie bras aren’t necessarily bad, but they can’t compare to the European’s expertise as innovators and pioneers in the industry. European brands such as Prima Donna and Chantelle create the largest selection of sizes, meaning a perfect fit can be attained for more women, including those needing a specialty size that department stores don’t offer.

There are also differences in the quality of the components that make up the bra: Sliders, hooks, loops, boning, eyelets, cups, clasps, clips, and grips are the basis of a functional bra. Failure of one or any of these components means your bra is unwearable. And consider this: High-quality European bras are made up of over 150 separate components all hand-assembled by skilled workers. As a result, these bras last longer and provide better fit and comfort over time and with repeated washings.

This week, consider a professional bra fitting. It’s free and could change the way you see bras (and yourself) forever!

Lingerie Meditation: Guy’s Underwear

Hi, this is Cheryl at Esprit de la Femme. People often ask me, “Cheryl, how can I get my guy to wear nice looking underwear? I’m sick of his old tighty whiteys!”

Chances are, if you’re posing this question, that your guy’s underwear are probably not so tighty or whitey anymore.  Perhaps, the next time you visit Esprit de la Femme, you pick him up a pair of SAXX underwear.  Once he experiences the comfort of nature fibre, the support of the ergonomic pouch, and the attention he’ll get from you, it could be a life-changer! He’ll wonder why he waited so long.

Let him know that when you’re you’re wearing your beautiful lingerie or loungewear, you’re not looking at yourself. You’re looking at him.  Fellas, it’s a two-way-street; don’t you deserve to look and feel your best too?


Sport Bras: Why do I need one?


Why are sport bras important?

This won’t come as a big surprise to anybody; breasts will bounce with any physical activity. Surely you’ve seen women running or exercising with their breasts sorely under-supported. A sport bra is a specially designed piece of activewear that is dedicated to supporting the muscles and ligaments that attach to your breasts. It doesn’t matter what size your breasts are, they all bounce and move with physical activity. A sport bra can reduce movement of your breasts by up to 83%! Continue reading Sport Bras: Why do I need one?

Is it time for a new bra?

Kick that dead bra to the curb and rediscover great fit!

We meet so many women who hold on to their stretched out, faded, and abused bras for way longer than necessary. It’s sometimes hard to know when your bra needs to be replaced.  Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to Old Faithful if you notice these signs of wear and tear. Your bra has done its job and needs to be replaced. Check your bra for any of these “dead bra symptoms.”

  • Elastics don’t bounce back.
  • Bra is discolored or covered in stains.
  • Bra hooks and eyes are torn out.
  • Foam cups have lost their shape and no longer support the breast.
  • You wear the bra on the tightest hook and the band still rides up.

Thankfully, there are always new and exciting bra styles at Esprit de la Femme!  So whether you’re looking to replace your basic teeshirt bra, or looking for something a little more special, your new bra will give you the support and shape you remember!

Caring for your Lingerie

How often should I wash my lingerie?

Bras need to breathe and recover their shape after each day of wear, meaning you should not wear any bra two days in a row. Ideally you should have 3 or more everyday bras and would wash each one every 2 or 3 wears.

How should I wash my lingerie?

Fine lingerie is often made with delicate fabrics like silk and lace. Special care should be taken to keep your investment looking good. We recommend hand washing with a rinse-free formula like Soak, but you can also wash on the delicate or hand wash cycle in a mesh wash bag. If you do this, you should always hook the back of your bras to prevent them from snagging on each other. Lay your bras and underwear and silks flat to dry. Other fine items may be hung. Never put your lingerie in the dryer.

Do I need to store my lingerie in a special way?

We recommend that you never fold your bras, but leave them flat and store in rows. Hosiery or delicate lace should be stored in soft bags or in cloth lined inserts to avoid snagging.


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