Win a Trip to Paris from Simone Perele and Esprit de la Femme!

We are so excited to share this amazing contest with you guys!  Simone Perele has put together an incredible trip for you and a guest to go Paris and have the true “Simone Perele Experience.”
The Grand Prize includes:
  • Airfare for two to Paris on Air Canada departing from Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. ($1,700)
  • 3 nights at Hotel Saint James Paris ($1,000)
  • Dinner for two at Les Ombres, the Quai Branly Museum restaurant ($300)
  • $500 spending money
  • A day at the SImone Perele atelier where you will visit the creative and couture workshops, meet Stephanie Perele, and artistic director Katia Charle.
  • A fitting at Maison Simone Perele, the flagship store where you will leave with a lingerie set of your choice ($250)

There will also be 30 runner-up prizes up for grabs, where you will win your choice of Simone Perele bra and panty sets (which we think is pretty cool too!)

Here’s how you can enter:

Come down to Esprit de la Femme to try on a Simone Perele set, at which point our staff will provide you with an entry to win. It’s that simple! We want you to experience the comfort and beauty of Simone Perele for yourself and find out why it is our #1 selling brand right now!

This contest ends July 31st, so don’t miss out!

Lingerie Meditations: What’s the Point?

Hi again,  it’s Cheryl from Esprit de la Femme. People often as me, “Cheryl, what’s the point of wearing beautiful lingerie if no one sees it anyway?”

When you wear beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting undergarments — yes, bras and panties, –everyone notices! Your clothes fit better, your posture improves, and you breathe more comfortably and efficiently. You’ll feel relaxed and happier overall.

Imagine getting dressed for your day knowing you’re going to be uncomfortable, fidgety,  and perhaps even in pain. Life is hard enough. You don’t have to let slippery bra straps, digging underwires, and migrating panties take away from your day. Consider your undergarments as a superhero uniform; the confidence in knowing your best self forward is truly empowering! Believe me, people will notice.

This week, ask yourself, “How do I show up for myself?”

Lingerie Meditation: A Lingerie State of Mind

Hi, this is Cheryl from Esprit de la Femme, and people often tell me, “Cheryl, I love everything in the store, but I’m just too old.”

For the record, Esprit de la Femme serves customers who are in their 80s and 90s, and these gals aren’t necessarily buying boring beige bras. Some of these customers have told us that just because they’re getting on in age, they have never compromised comfort and style!

Women in their senior years aren’t necessarily dressing for anyone else’s pleasure either. It’s the attitude and confidence these women owned in their younger days that have kept the spring in their step. Throughout our lives, we may change our style, shape, and size, but prioritizing comfort and beauty need not be lost. I believe that as we mature, maintaining our own femininity is important, and that level of femininity( and what that means) is as unique as each woman herself.

Embrace your age, enhance your beauty, and respect yourself!


Have you ever gone shopping for something, not really thinking about a bra to wear under it? There are so many tops and dresses that are backless, feature exposed sides, or have some tricky design that makes bra exposure more likely. It’s next to impossible to wear a normal bra with these pieces! We love bralettes because they’re cooler than padded foam bras, and so comfy.

Don’t worry if you’re not blessed with perky breasts. We’ve accepted that a bralette isn’t going look like a pushup bra… and that’s OK! Most easy breeze dresses and tanks don’t require that “knock out” cleavage. So if you’re thinking that you can’t possibly do the bralette thing, you’re wrong. You don’t need extreme cleavage to have pretty décolletage anyway. You just need to choose the right bralette!

Spring Renovations and Redecorating

There are some changes happening at  the store these days! In order to better serve you, we’ve been busy refreshing the store with some exiting renovations and redecorating. By the end of March, we’ll be proud to show you what’s new!

When Esprit de  la Femme was designed 14 years ago, we had no idea how  successful the store was going to become. The busier we got, the more we needed a functional work space that was practical for the computing, doing paperwork, and lunch breaks too! Our favorite handyman James had been working on this project for almost a year. After repainting the ugly yellow walls a lovely shade of blue, he ripped out the original carpet and installed new flooring to match the rest of the store.


James built custom shelves, a heavy duty recycling bin for cardboard boxes, a closet for our personal items, and brought in a beautiful antique desk and chair. He also created custom storage for us to store mannequins and racks.

We are in love with our new functional space! Next on our list is the list is our bathroom which will be getting a fresh coat of paint, a new light fixture, and more.


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