Sport Bras: Why do I need one?


Why are sport bras important?

This won’t come as a big surprise to anybody; breasts will bounce with any physical activity. Surely you’ve seen women running or exercising with their breasts sorely under-supported. A sport bra is a specially designed piece of activewear that is dedicated to supporting the muscles and ligaments that attach to your breasts. It doesn’t matter what size your breasts are, they all bounce and move with physical activity. A sport bra can reduce movement of your breasts by up to 83%!

Types of support

Compression bras work by compressing the breast tissue together and against the body during exercise.

Encapsulation bras separate the breasts by holding them in their own individual bra cup. Most every-day bras use this method of support.

Compress/Encapsulation bras use both in order to give you maximum levels of support.

Shelf bras typically give the least support and can be found sewn into athletic tops. They are great for very low-impact activities, but not running.


Fitting a Sport Bra

Typically, you need this bra to fit tighter than your regular bras. When trying on a sport bra, think about this checklist:

  1. You should be able to comfortably take a deep breath. If not, the bra is too tight.
  2. Consider the coverage. There should not be breast tissue bulging out from the top or the arms. The more breast tissue you can get into the bra, the more supportive it will be.
  3. Lift your arms. The band of the bra should move with you. If it slides around, try a smaller size.
  4. Adjust the straps so they are comfortable. They should not be digging into your shoulders and they should not slip off.
  5. Do some jumping jacks, bend at the waist, swing your arms. Does the bra chafe anywhere? Do your breasts fall out of the cup? If they do, you might want to try a different style.


Consider your sport bra as an essential piece of exercise gear, similar to your running shoes and athletic clothing. A lot of consideration has been made to make sure that they perform well and are comfortable to wear. Technical fabrics have been developed to wick moisture from the body quickly and keep you cool and dry. Avoid cotton as it holds moisture against the body and can cause skin irritations.

Investing in a quality sport bra is an investment in your health and comfort. Care for your sport bra by washing it by hand or in a mesh wash bag on the gentle cycle. Doing so will maximize the life of your bra and make sure that it keeps you comfortable and supported for a long time.