Lingerie Meditations: What’s the Point?

Hi again,  it’s Cheryl from Esprit de la Femme. People often as me, “Cheryl, what’s the point of wearing beautiful lingerie if no one sees it anyway?”

When you wear beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting undergarments — yes, bras and panties, –everyone notices! Your clothes fit better, your posture improves, and you breathe more comfortably and efficiently. You’ll feel relaxed and happier overall.

Imagine getting dressed for your day knowing you’re going to be uncomfortable, fidgety,  and perhaps even in pain. Life is hard enough. You don’t have to let slippery bra straps, digging underwires, and migrating panties take away from your day. Consider your undergarments as a superhero uniform; the confidence in knowing your best self forward is truly empowering! Believe me, people will notice.

This week, ask yourself, “How do I show up for myself?”