Lingerie Meditation: Guy’s Underwear

Hi, this is Cheryl at Esprit de la Femme. People often ask me, “Cheryl, how can I get my guy to wear nice looking underwear? I’m sick of his old tighty whiteys!”

Chances are, if you’re posing this question, that your guy’s underwear are probably not so tighty or whitey anymore.  Perhaps, the next time you visit Esprit de la Femme, you pick him up a pair of SAXX underwear.  Once he experiences the comfort of nature fibre, the support of the ergonomic pouch, and the attention he’ll get from you, it could be a life-changer! He’ll wonder why he waited so long.

Let him know that when you’re you’re wearing your beautiful lingerie or loungewear, you’re not looking at yourself. You’re looking at him.  Fellas, it’s a two-way-street; don’t you deserve to look and feel your best too?