Lingerie Meditation: Why do Bras Cost what they Do?


Hi, it’s Cheryl at Esprit de la Femme. People often ask me, “Cheryl,  why do the bras on TV and the department stores cost $29.99, and bras at boutiques cost more?”

Well, at Esprit de la Femme, the majority of our bras come from European designers. Cheapie bras aren’t necessarily bad, but they can’t compare to the European’s expertise as innovators and pioneers in the industry. European brands such as Prima Donna and Chantelle create the largest selection of sizes, meaning a perfect fit can be attained for more women, including those needing a specialty size that department stores don’t offer.

There are also differences in the quality of the components that make up the bra: Sliders, hooks, loops, boning, eyelets, cups, clasps, clips, and grips are the basis of a functional bra. Failure of one or any of these components means your bra is unwearable. And consider this: High-quality European bras are made up of over 150 separate components all hand-assembled by skilled workers. As a result, these bras last longer and provide better fit and comfort over time and with repeated washings.

This week, consider a professional bra fitting. It’s free and could change the way you see bras (and yourself) forever!