Lingerie Meditation: A Lingerie State of Mind

Hi, this is Cheryl from Esprit de la Femme, and people often tell me, “Cheryl, I love everything in the store, but I’m just too old.”

For the record, Esprit de la Femme serves customers who are in their 80s and 90s, and these gals aren’t necessarily buying boring beige bras. Some of these customers have told us that just because they’re getting on in age, they have never compromised comfort and style!

Women in their senior years aren’t necessarily dressing for anyone else’s pleasure either. It’s the attitude and confidence these women owned in their younger days that have kept the spring in their step. Throughout our lives, we may change our style, shape, and size, but prioritizing comfort and beauty need not be lost. I believe that as we mature, maintaining our own femininity is important, and that level of femininity( and what that means) is as unique as each woman herself.

Embrace your age, enhance your beauty, and respect yourself!