Is it time for a new bra?

Kick that dead bra to the curb and rediscover great fit!

We meet so many women who hold on to their stretched out, faded, and abused bras for way longer than necessary. It’s sometimes hard to know when your bra needs to be replaced.  Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to Old Faithful if you notice these signs of wear and tear. Your bra has done its job and needs to be replaced. Check your bra for any of these “dead bra symptoms.”

  • Elastics don’t bounce back.
  • Bra is discolored or covered in stains.
  • Bra hooks and eyes are torn out.
  • Foam cups have lost their shape and no longer support the breast.
  • You wear the bra on the tightest hook and the band still rides up.

Thankfully, there are always new and exciting bra styles at Esprit de la Femme!  So whether you’re looking to replace your basic teeshirt bra, or looking for something a little more special, your new bra will give you the support and shape you remember!