Caring for your Lingerie

How often should I wash my lingerie?

Bras need to breathe and recover their shape after each day of wear, meaning you should not wear any bra two days in a row. Ideally you should have 3 or more everyday bras and would wash each one every 2 or 3 wears.

How should I wash my lingerie?

Fine lingerie is often made with delicate fabrics like silk and lace. Special care should be taken to keep your investment looking good. We recommend hand washing with a rinse-free formula like Soak, but you can also wash on the delicate or hand wash cycle in a mesh wash bag. If you do this, you should always hook the back of your bras to prevent them from snagging on each other. Lay your bras and underwear and silks flat to dry. Other fine items may be hung. Never put your lingerie in the dryer.

Do I need to store my lingerie in a special way?

We recommend that you never fold your bras, but leave them flat and store in rows. Hosiery or delicate lace should be stored in soft bags or in cloth lined inserts to avoid snagging.